My passion for cooking started after I moved to Chicago to attend college in 2010. I scoured the city to find food that would remind me of my Amma's cooking, but I was never able to find a dish that satisfied the sense of home I was craving. So I set out to recreate that on my own. 

What started out as earnest attempts at making food that was special to me quickly evolved into an obsession with all things culinary. Over time, cooking became much more than a hobby for me-- it evolved into an expression and preservation of my culture. 

After many years of home cooking and a reluctant five year stint as an accountant, I finally made the jump to professional cooking in 2018 and have not looked back since. 

With Thommy's Toddy Shop, I aim to extend my love of South Asian cooking to your kitchen so I can share my own taste of home. I am proud to use the best local and seasonal ingredients as well as techniques learned from some of the finest Indian kitchens in Chicago.